It Ends with Us

By Colleen Hoover

August 2, 2016 • 5.31 x 8.25 • 384 PAGES • 978-1501110365

3.5/5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My recommendation? Close your ears to the noise surrounding this book and go in with no expectations. Don’t even read my review yet. My fatal flaw was listening to all the hype prior to picking it up.

The middle was “Meh, okay,” but the ending was what saved it. 

This story conflicts me. On one hand, I had no trouble getting into it. It’s an easy read and effortles read. There was enough intrigue in the beginning to keep me going. The characters are cheesy at first and the name choices, as many other readers can attest to, are top tier cringe, but it wasn’t until halfway through where I was certain I was going to rate it a low 3. 

The ending added a 0.5. 

Spoilers ahead:

I cannot stand the main love interest. Even his name makes me roll my eyes– Ryle Kincaid? (And don’t get me started on their niece’s name) He’s just too perfect and that makes me skeptical. Even when his flaws show up, he’s the ideal type of “bad guy.” Ryle capitulates too easily to everything he claims to detest in the beginning of the book— like not wanting a relationship or sacrificing his successful career. Yet one woman comes along one cold evening and suddenly that all changes within the breadth of an evening.

I also find it hard to believe that Lily BLOOM, a 23 year-old can manage to score a neurosurgeon and also open an extremely successful flower shop  in one of the most expensive states in the US (New York)  in less than a year.

I do, however, enjoy the ending. To say I was proud of Lily is an understatement. The way Hoover conveys the complexity of emotions at play when you love someone who hurts you is beautiful. And after reading the “Author’s Note” at the end, which isn’t required to appreciate the lesson at hand, grounded the story in reality. 

I also appreciate how Hoover addresses childhood trauma, familial ties, and the bravery and awareness that’s required but hard-won if we want to heal the broken child in us.

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