Excerpts From My Middle School Diaries (And My 20 y/o Responses to Them)

Recently, I cleaned out my room and I came across a box of letters and journal entries I wrote between the latter part of my elementary years through middle and high school. As you will soon see, I was a highly dramatic kid. I decided to take few excerpts and share them.

The following are untampered and authentic excerpts from my past journals. They will make you cringe and there are many, many, many grammatical errors. All of which I’ve left, and for some I’ve bracketed the correct term to help in understanding the text.

I hate Ryene. one time. I threw a claydo [play dough] and he threw it away and he kicked me.
May 28, 2005 (9 years old)

Dear 9 Year Old Me,
You’ll get over it. Trust me. Actually, you’re so over it you don’t even remember who Ryene is.

And after all of this, I wonder: is this truth, or confusion? Is it anger, or ignorance? Is it a phase, or just….. reality?
Dec. 22, 2008 (12 years old)

Dear 12 Year Old Me,
You are far too introspective for your own good.

O.M.G Dear Journal, we watched Step up 2!!! Their [there] was this one guy O.M.G. He is the Hotttest Guy I have everrrrr seeeeennn. I love him He is like the greates Dancer I have ever seen. His name is Robert Hoffman. I Feb 16, 2008 (11 years old)

Dear 11 Year Old Me,
Wait till you see Henry Cavill in Man of Steel.

O.M.G! I think I like J____ still. I feel so bad! I like D_____, but not as much as J____.  I’m afraid someone might tell.
April 6, 2008 ( 11 years old)

Dear 11 Year Old Me,
Neither of these guys are relevant to your life anymore. In fact, the first one is in a long-term relationship and the other seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet.

I’m terrified from being locked away from being lonely. To be a crazy cat lady.
Probably 8th grade

Dear Probably 8th Grade Me,
You will never be a cat lady.
Because cats hate you.

Mean People I Dont Like:
C_______ because she lies and picked on me and picks her nose. One time we played a game its her idea. And when I ask her to play she says hold on I’m playing. So one time I was watching and she said lets play. I said Im watching. Man Via lets play. No. Via comeon. and I said, “well C_______ you don’t always play. She said, “Fin. [Fine]” The next day. I said lets play. She said forget it. Then next day, she said. lets play. then I said You now [know] what C_______ forget the game Im not playing. and I think you know why.
– May 28, 2005 (8 years old)

Dear 8 Year Old Me,
Everyone picks their nose. Also, you spelled C_____’s name differently each time. I don’t think we’ll ever spell it correctly actually.
C_____’s a really nice person and you’ll come to find out that almost everyone was a dick when they were 8. Even you at times.

My worse fear! Losing a friend over a simple attempt of compromise, or try to make things better.
– Dec. 2008 (12 years old)

Dear 12 Year Old Me,
Unfortunately, you will lose a lot of friends. And regretfully, some of them will end badly. But that’s just a part of life. Some people are just a chapter in your book, all essential to the overall picture in some way or form. Don’t worry though, you will meet new people.

Boys make my life so complex!
Sep. 19, 2008 (11 years old)

Dear 11 Year Old Me,
That will never change.

It is said that the love we give away is the love we keep. But why is it that sometimes, during some days we feel “unloved”?

You’ll go all over the globe to look for love, but never realize that it was always right there with you. it never leaves. Its like a shadow you can’t see
– Feb 11, 2009  (12 years old)

Dear 12 Year Old Me,
Damn. That hit me in the feels.

Everyone says that there’s no such thing as the perfect guy
but the moment I saw you I knew that was a lie
I love the way you laugh over my lame jokes
Even though yours are so funny they can give me a stroke
Hold my hand and never let me go
Babe believe me this ain’t no show
– probably 7th grade

Dear 7th Grade Me,
Ew, I am literally cringing. This boy is 21 now, probably jobless, and I heard he cheated on his last two girlfriends. Don’t waste (bad) poetry over him.

It scares me! I’ve never felt this B4! What am I to do?!? You’re comming on too strong! Its only been a week, or less, and you’re telling me you love me? Whoa! Take it down a knotch or 2. I can’t…. I can’t love you… at the moment. Do you know what will happen to me if people find out? I’d die!!! I’m too young for that. Im not ready!
Sept. 24, 2009 ( 12 years old)

Dear 12 Year Old Me,
Calm down. People did find out, but as I can now attest to, you did not die. Also, you are too young to know love. Good for you for knowing that. I’m proud of us.

Dreams are just a waste of time. You get your hopes up for something that might never happen! Why love, when no one appreciates it. What if you gave all your hope, love, and trust to one person, and he just left [it] somewhere to be forgotten? What do you do then???
Dec. 10, 2008 (12 years old)

Dear 12 Year Old Me,
When someone hurts you, you learn from it and move one– that’s what you do and will continue to do. And it is what has made you who you are.
In the great words of Lily from How I Met Your Mother, “There are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back, and say, “Yep. That was a mistake.”
So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake, because then you go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not.”

Okay, so that’s all I’m willing to disclose for now. I have a vast arsenal of cringe-worthy diary entries to sift through and perhaps I’ll do a part two of this. But hopefully you were able to laugh at most, if not all, of the ones I provided.

Happy reading, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Excerpts From My Middle School Diaries (And My 20 y/o Responses to Them)”

  1. This was the best thing I’ve read all week. I kept journals throughout my middle school and high school years, so I understand you might have found some of these cringe-worthy, but they’re so much fun too! Your responses were gold. Lol. I think 20-year old Via turned out alright.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Via, after reading this I think you’re going to publish a book based on your life experiences which I hope you do probably not now but in the near future. Your posts from your diaries might teach young girls that it’s never too late to fall in love and learn from it. Sweetie, WRITE.


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