30 Day Challenge

Hey guys! I’m currently doing a 30 Day Writing Challenge. Feel free to join in!

Currently on: Day 5

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Day 2: Describe Someone You Love

Day 3: A Letter to Your Significant Other

Day 4: Describe Your Home

Day 5: How You Know You Love Someone

Day 6: A Confession

Day 7: Soulmates. Real or not Real?

Day 8: A Myth Explaining Where We Go And Why

Day 9: An Excerpt From A Story You’re Writing

Day 10: 5 Irrational fears

Day 11: Write A Scary Story

Day 12: Write A Love Story

Day 13: A Surprise

Day 14: A Letter to Your Future Daughter

Day 15: A Letter to Your Future Son

Day 16: A Letter to Your 15 Year Old Self

Day 17: Your 5 Worst Traits

Day 18: Someone Who Fascinates You

Day 19: An Origin Story of the Zodiac Signs

Day 20: 5 Things That Make You Happy

Day 21: Take your 4th text of the day and use it as the first line of a story

Day 22: Someone You Miss

Day 23: Something You Believe That Would Make People Think You’re Crazy

Day 24: 3 4 lines poems- 1 to the person you hate, 2 to the person you’re in love with, 3 to yourself

Day 25: A Book/Movie Review

Day 26: A Surprise

Day 27: Meanest Thing You’ve Done?

Day 28: Interview an Ordinary person. Ask them the most intimate questions you have. keep them anonymous.

Day 29: A Piece of Knowledge

Day 30: A Surprise

Hi. I'm Via and I'm really just winging it.

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